2020 was clearly a “FAIL” as far as entire years go. There were so many catastrophic events. Some people went along with it, choosing to become more miserable humans, and some decided to “throat punch” 2020, pull up their boot straps and make the most of it.

I have noticed over the years that too many people wait until it is too late to live a life that gives them any purpose. Of course, there are many factors making it harder to be completely carefree; We get stuck in a job, school, a career, build a family we have to support and care for, rack up debt, and try to pepper in good times along the way.

Life does not come with a guarantee, and we are not promised a tomorrow. There are also many factors that should make us want to live our life to its fullest.  

Spending quality time with family and friends; taking time to teach and raise our children in the great outdoors instead in front of electronic devices; spending time in nature, whether it be the mountains or the beach or our own backyard on a quiet Tuesday morning sipping coffee. Our physical and mental health are what’s most important. I think too many people put off self care much too often then it’s too late. We have to take the first steps to care for ourselves to be able to care for others and make this world better.

I believe it’s fear that holds us back the most. Fear of change. Fear of what others may think. Fear of failure or losing. In the same sense, fear motivates those facing loss, hardship, and the end to something truly precious. And most times, realization happens way too late and regrets begin to accumulate.

I think 2020 was big year for failures and fear. All of us were fed fear by the main stream and social medias. However, that’s NOT what we all experienced. A lot of us persevered during this struggle and came out of this changed for the better. We realized that (as best said) “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. – Ferris Bueller

Due to Covid-19, my husband was home from work, and the kids were remote learning from home home, routines had gone done the toilet, and our world had flipped! We were spending more time together and learning how to be this “new” version of our family.

During this new adventure through life we accomplished many milestones along the way. We knew we needed a project, so we started on a tree fort for the kids. Then, since we had so much free time, we spent more time outdoors, camping and fishing. Our family trips were becoming more adventurous but also somewhat cumbersome with our growing collection of gear and equipment.

My husband and I kept trying to come up with a solution to our camping issues. Our idea to build our own overland rig soon blossomed into an overland Adventure Camping Rig or a Wagon with all the basic necessities. We thought making rigs and trailers that are user friendly with basic “plug and play” feel, for more families like us. So we did!

We had a dream, and began to build this business from our kitchen table mid-year. We researched vehicles, trailers, and A LOT of gear. We ordered supplies, tested them, and decided if it would make the cut to be onboard our final product. We put a lot of time, effort and careful thought into our builds.

One personal journey I went through during this unforgettable year was my religious path and the postponement of my long awaited sacraments due to the pandemic. Although, this is a whole other story in itself to be told another time, my point is; throughout the year, while we were building the business, it seemed things began to line up with remarkable dates, including birthdays, special dates & events and even our Ten year wedding anniversary.

Within one year from conception, we opened our doors and began sharing overland with more folks in hopes that families and friends could make more memories, unplug and reconnect, enjoy camping more, experience overland and awaken that spirit of adventure inside us all.

We built this business for our family and yours. We provide people a unique camping experience and an opportunity to explore and discover more. It is truly my pleasure to bring you Idaho Overland Adventures. IdahoOverlandAdventures.com

“GO Overland!” 

  • Brianne Jackson, Co-Founder and Co-Owner