After we created our company and built our Overland Rigs and Trailers, we needed to confirm they were overland worthy and ready to share with others. We took a trip through 5 states traveling approximately 3000 miles. During our test trip, we were sure to bring our Overland-IFAK, a first-aid kit that we designed for people on the road or in the wilderness. We consulted a local company and a team of professionals to create a comprehensive first-aid kit for the Overlanding Community.


Thankfully over the eleven-day journey through the Southwest United States, our crew didn’t need to use our Overland-IFAK once. Unfortunately, on our way out of Las Vegas, we witnessed a horrendous rollover on Hwy 95. We headed North, and a car traveling South appeared to have veered and flipped into oncoming traffic into the northbound lane, eventually landing upside-down off the side of the highway. Transpiring moments before we drove passed the scene, there were no emergency personnel on-site. Only a few bystanders were present helping the patient on the side of the road.

The Idaho Overland Adventures convoy pulled over to see if we could lend any assistance. We were carrying our Overland-IFAK med kits and felt obligated to see if we could help the injured person. One of the bystanders happened to be a doctor passing through and was relieved that we had our Overland-IFAK with us to the scene. Emergency services had arrived and took positive control of the situation, so we decided to get out of the way and let the pros do their job. Soon they were off with the patient to the nearest hospital.

We were grateful to everyone that arrived on the scene to help. As we made our way back to our vehicle, we invited the Doctor back to wash up with our onboard water tank and bar of soap.
Although I have no idea if the person survived that awful accident, it was pleasant to see strangers come together for someone in need. My thoughts are still with this person and their family. I hope all ended well.

“GO Overland!” 

  • Brianne Jackson, Co-Founder and Co-Owner