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IDAHO: A northwestern U.S. state known for its rivers, mountainous landscapes and vast swaths of protected wilderness and outdoor recreation areas.

OVERLAND: Travel over or across the land to remote destinations where the travelers typically camp each night along their journey. A vehicle is the primary mode of transportation for travel with all the gear and supplies that you require, including equipment for camping, cooking, and other adventure needs.

ADVENTURES: Exciting, unusual or remarkable experiences.

Leave your gear behind and go explore with Idaho Overland Adventures! We provide a solution to that same old problem while adding a new variation of overland travel merged with one of our Nation’s favorite pastimes.

Enjoy a complete overland trail experience with an “Adventure Rig” or an “Adventure Wagon” equipped with all the gear for your very own Idaho journey. From roof-top tent, to kitchen and more, we have you packed up and camp ready. Let us help you avoid the stress from – loading up to camp set-up – and ultimately save you quality time!

Our Story

Idaho Overland Adventures is the brainchild of a husband and wife, outdoor adventure loving, team. We have always loved the outdoors, as individuals and together as a couple. When we started a family we vowed to make sure our children grew up knowing outdoor activities, and would not be sitting indoors in front of the TV and on videos games all day.

When we were given the opportunity to move to Boise, ID, we jumped at the chance. Idaho is the outdoor Mecca of America. The survey of this beautiful state began immediately. Outings consisted of long exploratory drives, camping trips, fishing, and tubing, limited only by our gear (and two young children). As our children are getting older and our gear and equipment slowly get upgraded, our family trips are becoming more adventurous.

We love camping and fishing and we loving taking our kids and dog with us, but it can get tricky with trying to keep an eye on them and the dog while struggling to set up the campsite for the day and night. And let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger and sleeping on the ground is losing its magic as an adult. My husband and I kept trying to come up with is solution to our camping issues, and Idaho Overland Adventures was born.

Trying to figure out the best way for our family to enjoy camping, while keeping it within our budget, and traveling to the places we want to see, was almost comical. I cannot count the amount of times we changed our minds on what recreational rig or trailer we should get our family. Finally, we sat down and came up with a design that fit our family needs. Our idea blossomed into an overland Adventure Rig or an Adventure Wagon with it all. And why stop there? Why not make rigs and trailers that are so user friendly, with a basic utility “plug and play” mentality, for more families like us? So we did!

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