Client Reviews and Testimonials

Your feedback is what drives us forward! Idaho Overland Adventures wouldn’t be here without the insights and suggestions of our amazing clients. We actively listen and use your input to constantly evolve and become the best we can be. A heartfelt thank you for inspiring us on this journey!

Overland Tour by Lukas & Brigitta W. from Zurich, Switzerland July 2023 Recap of Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3

Hand Written Testimonials from Tour clients for August 2023:

Walt H. from OH & Alex H. from IL (Father & Son)

Hand Written Testimonials from Rental clients for August 2023:

1) Colton S. from MS, July 2023 – 3 nights

2) Brett & Chellee H. from FL, June 2023 – 5 nights

3) Rick & Corrie S. from OH, July-Aug 2023 – 4 nights

4) Neal B. from CT, June – July 2023 – 8 nights

5) Chris & Brandi E. from MN (previously from Africa) July 2023 – 5 nights

Reviewed by Chris and Brandi E. from Africa Aug. 2022, Score:5/5 (Google)

Idaho Overland Adventures provided not only a peace of mind for safety they provided everything we needed to be successful on our 11 day trip. The vehicle is kitted out with almost every need thought through. It is really a plug and play package. We didn’t have one single issue. And we already booked our next trip for 2023 to explore more of the backcountry of Idaho. If you are thinking about it, just do it. It is totally worth it.

Reviewed by Phil J. from Pennsylvaia
Sept. 2022, Score:5/5 (Google)

I cannot recommend IOA enough! Renting one of their rigs to explore and camp in the backcountry is the best way to experience Idaho!

Reviewed by Marcie S. from Florida
May. 2022, Score:5/5 (Google)

This was our first overland adventure and it was fantastic!!! The camper is equipped with everything needed for a great overland trip. And Idaho is a beautiful state!!!! Brianne and Joe are great hosts and they provide with a wealth of tips prior to the beginning of the trip. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Kristy M. from Idaho
July. 2022, Score:5/5 (Google)

Joe & Brianne at Idaho Overland Adventures have thought of everything you could need for an overland trip! They provide AWESOME customer service and are super friendly. Their gear is top notch and well maintained. They explain how everything works and make sure everything is perfect for your trip! Thanks for making everything worry-free so we could focus on adventuring, Joe & Brianne!

Reviewed by Camile & Rick S. from Idaho
Sept. 2021 and April 2022, Score:5/5 (Google)

We have used them twice and will again! They have thought of everything! Joe and Brianne give a great tutorial so we felt confident in the equipment and how to use it. We had a couple of great trips with their rentals. Highly recommended.

We have nothing but a great experiences with IOA! They are knowledgeable, helpful and fun! Truely, I great way to see an amazing state!

Reviewed by Caitlin B. from Illinois
Oct. 2021, Score:5/5 (Outdoorsy)

I had a great time doing some crisp, fall camping up in the Sawtooths. I loved this vehicle and felt safe driving it, especially with the Garmin navigation system. The rooftop tent is a really cool experience, and pretty easy to put up and down – about a 30 min process for me as a first-timer. It would be easier with two people, but I was totally able to do it myself (thanks to Joe’s helpful hints!). I was camping in colder weather (20 degrees at night) and felt a little chilly alone in the tent at first, but the zero degree sleeping bag warmed me right up. Note: It is always warmer with more than one person in a tent. Moral of the story is, this is definitely doable for one person with a moderate amount of camping experience, but probably easier with two! Joe and Brianne were so lovely to work with, and showed me everything I needed to know before setting out on my adventure. I felt fully equipped and confident with the support of Joe and Brianne. They genuinely cared about my safety and I knew I could contact them if I ever needed assistance. Thank you for making this trip possible for me, Idaho Overland Adventures!

Reviewed by Brian B. from Tennessee
TRIP #2 –  October 2021, Score: 5/5 (Outdoorsy)

TN Guys part II

Well this is our second review, we loved the Idaho Overland Adventure folks so much we had to return for a second trip before we needed snow shoes. This trip we mounted up good Ole’ Shirley again (The 4-runner) and headed to parts west and north of Boise. Our route included Silver city – Idaho Hotel, Alvord Desert, Steens Mountains, John Day, Sumpter, Pendelton, Walla Walla, Clarkston & Lewiston and back down through Hells Canyon and sights in-between. Our first trip hit temps in the upper 90’s while this trip saw lows in the teens. Regardless of the weather, the gear provided kept us comfortable. Which is great knowing that you can pack minimally and not have to worry.

Fantastic trip again and we logged about 1,200 miles this time. Since we normally try to limit driving to daylight hours, we were able to enjoy more campfires and hanging at the campsite because of the slightly shorter days when compared to our first trip over the summer. There were also less people as this seemed to be past the high tourist season. Thus, we were able to enjoy the escape from congestion and soak up more solitude with nature. The only down side was that there were a few places of interest we did not get to visit because they were closed for the off season.

This trip we were able to help a couple folks out of the snow atop the Steen Mountain at around 9,480feet (a minivan and a Subaru). If you head up into the snow country be sure and know your snow driving skill level. After that workout, we headed for a much-needed soak in the hot springs pool just outside of Crane. It was just what was needed and very relaxing. Turned north and visited a few spots along the route to Pendelton. There we had a great conversation with a sweet 91-year young lady who is associated with the Pendelton underground tours. She runs the antique store just next door. If you go there be sure and check out the tour, it’s pretty neat and be sure and tell her hello from the TN guys.

From there it was up to Walla Walla and on over to Clarkston & Lewiston. We then turned back southeast through the Hells Canyon valley for some spectacular views. Saw some salmon ladders along the way (we have none in TN) and camped our last night at the Copperfield Campground so we could grab a nice hot shower before the plane ride back home. We are already looking forward to visiting again next summer for two more trips to complete our journey north and south of Boise. Excited to get back in the saddle with Shirley!!!

As can be expected, great service and quality gear provided again by Brianne and Joe. We highly recommend checking them out regardless of you camping skill level. There is an Idaho Overland Adventure waiting for you!

Reviewed by Bob A. from CA
Sept. 2021, Score: 5/5 (Outdoorsy)

I recently rented ‘Ruby’ for a two week road trip around the SE corner of Oregon. My plans included a combination of camping as well as some very basic and rustic lodging. The rig and set up were perfect for my needs, giving me the flexibility to have food, water, and lodging with me at all times, wherever I might end up for the night. I am older and retired, and found great confidence in renting from an organization run by a former commercial airlines pilot; Joe seems to be super organized and very serious about safety and maintenance. This gave me much comfort during my travels; the rig was very dependable and convenient. Even if I was in a motel for the night, I still ended up using the galley for meals and other needs. I highly recommend Idaho Overland Adventures, and Joe and Brianne!

Reviewed by Alex W. from Pennsylvania
Aug 2021, Score: 5 Stars (on Google)

Idaho is unbelievable, and to truly experience the scenery and the overwhelming beauty I would recommend Idaho Overland Adventures. My wife and I have camping and backpacking experince and planned on outdoor sports in the sawtooth mountains. Anything we needed they had already thought of. Booking was easy, the gear is rock solid (we slept through several thunderstorms and very high winds) the 4runner is awesome. Make sure to leave about a half hour at drop off and pick up for the orientation. You will get compliments on the rig, the layout makes sense and is well organized. When everything is equipped properly trips can go smoothly and without worry and ours did. Idaho is not meant to be experienced by a hotel or a busy campground. Use the GPS that is provided to you, punch up a free spot off of a dirt road, get the tires dirty and enjoy!

Reviewed by Lauren N. from Georgia
July 2021, (Review on Google)

What a wonderful husband wife duo.  They have created amazing overland vehicles that have all your camping needs.  From the tent, sleeping bag, fridge, coffee press, solar panel or charging, chairs, and much much more.  We used their vehicle to travel the Sawtooth Mountain Range.  The vehicle we rented had an amazing GPS that got us to every destination with ease and was super comfortable to ride in.  I would not hesitate to rent from this company again.

Reviewed by Lila S. from Idaho
July 2021, Score: 5/5 (Outdoorsy)

We had an amazing time! Whatever level of camping you are doing, it was so nice to have all of your gear with you and easily accessible. I never stressed about forgetting anything as we went out exploring. It just freed up time to go out, have fun, and in our case film and photograph the beautiful Stanley area. The IOA crew gave me a thorough run through of all the vehicles features and I felt very prepared to get out there! Very excited to take it out again soon!

Reviewed by Kylie M. from Idaho
May 2021

I haven’t been camping since 2016 or so.  I was so excited to go with my three closest friends.  I was skeptical at first because Bri kept telling us “just” clothes and food.  Of course I over-packed!  These rentals truly have it all. The set was easy and we slept 4women in one tent.  I felt safe being off the ground too.  One of the best things was that the tent completely unzips and in the morning I was handed my coffee while I sat in bed visiting with the girls making breakfast.  I was definitely a hassle free camping trip.  Also, this is great for a family with kiddos.  Easy set up! Best camping trip I’ve had especially not having camped in years.  Surely a new way of camping.

Reviewed by Ian W. from Texas
Sept. 2021, Score: 5/5 (Outdoorsy)

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our 9-day excursion in late September, a 1,400-mile loop across the rugged and beautiful terrain of the Tri-State region (eastern Idaho, northwestern Wyoming, and southwestern Montana). We encountered dusty high desert, rolling green farmland, deep basalt canyons, Snake River meanders, snowy mountain passes, mirror calm lakes, brilliant yellow aspen, autumnal Teton sunsets, campfires, Milky Way night skies, frost-covered mornings, boiling pools of brilliant hues, stoic elk and bison, trout streams, high plains ranches, bumpy dirt roads, pine-covered ridges, and burnt orange Sawtooth sunrises; it was incredible. As for Idaho Overland Adventures, Joe and Brianne have structured this company to provide clients with safe access to a true outdoor experience and their professionalism really shows. The 4Runner is very well apportioned with all essential systems (electrical, water, shelter and cooking) in a logical layout that is thoughtfully incorporated into the vehicle. It really functions as a superb overlander and nothing has been overlooked. In-vehicle satellite communication links you with IOA home base, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that someone can be reached if something unexpected should arise. At check-in Joe leaves nothing to chance and provides a thorough walk-through of all aspects of the vehicle and onboard equipment. The vehicles are meticulously maintained and even include extra nice-to-have camp items (shovel, saw, fire-starters, headlamp, lantern) so you don’t have to bring your own. Back in 2019 my wife and I completed an epic 5,000km self-drive safari in Namibia, renting a heavily used Toyota Hilux overlander from an outfitter in Windhoek. While it got us through the 3 week trip with only two equipment failures, that truck doesn’t hold a candle to the product that IOA offers. We’ve been on the search for a way to relive the magic of that Africa trip back here in the US and I must say that overlanding with IOA was exactly what we’d been looking for! In short, IOA is an excellent little company run by two wonderful people. We’ll be back for sure. P.S. If the sun is getting low and you still haven’t figured out where you’re going to sleep, don’t hesitate to use the “campgrounds” app on the GPS and just find yourself a quiet spot for wild camping on BLM or National Forest land.

Reviewed by Lea B. from Idaho
May 2021

Idaho Overland Adventures’ Wagon!  We actually brought more than we needed because they literally provided for all of our needs, other than clothes and food obviously.  We had no issues setting up or taking down. Everything was easy to use. Having a power source while camping was super convenient as well since I am a nursing mom and I needed to pump. It was also good for charging our phones.  Overall I give them a 10 out of 10!

Reviewed by Chelsea T. from Idaho
May 2021

Having a worry free camping trip with my besties was the greatest camping experience I’ve had!! Idaho Overland Adventures has literally everything. Pillows, sleeping bags, pop-up and “potty”, cooler built in with plenty of storage!!!  Not to mention you can rent their 4Runner if you don’t have a truck to tow the trailer.  So many options….I really can’t say enough about this company!  Fantastic people, clean and sanitized equipment.  Just AWESOME!  DO IT, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

Reviewed by Brian B. from Tennessee
TRIP #1 – July/Aug 2021, Score: 5/5 (Outdoorsy)

Wow trip of a lifetime….best trip\\experience I’ve ever had. I am normally not a review writer…just check the stars and call it good. However, after such a great experience I felt inclined to put down a few words. The folks at Idaho Overland Adventures are exceptional with both service and quality of product. We did the 4runner for 5 days at end of July and will definitely be returning for a second trip! (Boise NF, Sawtooth NF, Salmon-Challis NF, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Bridger NF, and probably a couple more I forgot. We booked through their website with no issues. We were really impressed with the quality of gear provided by the outfitters….everything was quality from the refrigerator that kept everything at 31F regardless of the outside temperature, all the way down to the eating utensils that were made of quality stainless. It was gear you would buy for your personal long term camping – nothing you would purchase from a chain store. Probably too many amenities to list, but I will highlight a few – 2lb propane tank, stove, refrigerator, level up first aid kit, mounted 6'ish gal potable water tank, sleeping bags, pillows, Garmin mapping system (you will lose cell service in the remote mountains), camp table and chairs, nice awning, solar charging system, shovel, paper towels TP, plates, cups, soap….etc..I think most items are listed on the website for a more complete list…. However if you have any questions, just them a call they are always happy to help. I will note that the Garmin never lost communication and we were on a few pretty remote trails. We were also able to track our trip on google maps via android even without cell service….It was also a very economical option especially when you compare it to the cost of a combined car and hotel rental, not to mention there is no check-in or check-out time as your bed is always were you park at the end of the day. More importantly we never had to camp or wake near a neighbor unless you count the mule deer or antelope in the back country. That said, if you prefer more developed or designated camping areas\\sites it is perfect for that as well. This was more of a scouting trip for us with the intent to return to certain areas for more exploring and probably some fishing and possibly hunting. The tent…might be a little intimidating to a few at first, but literally once you set it up you will see it is no problem and set up time will be under 10-15 minutes (this includes unrolling your sleeping bag). You will be looking to install one on your own vehicle…ha! No seriously! It sleeps two very comfortably and three people would easily be do-able. The tent was surprisingly comfortable with a thick mat padding to serve as your mattress. It features an inside light and several pockets to store your gear and even has a hang bag outside for your shoes. We were rained on a couple nights and stayed dry – again quality gear all around! Issues and recommendations???….well we really didn’t have any other than the fact that we probably over packed since this was our first time on such an adventure. Oh there was a minor issue with insurance coverage, however this was on our individual insurance company and not on the outfitter. It seems since the vehicle has a tent mounted to it is is considered an RV…. just be sure and have your coverage in writing to the outfitter before arrival. The outfitter mentioned this to us far in advance, however our personal insurance company dropped the ball. Otherwise they do offer a very economical coverage package as a second option that you might just want to do instead. This is what we did, and it offered a bit of extra peace of mind in case something went wrong or was accidentally broken. One other regional thing was that we notice was that most advertised gas prices in the areas we traveled in were for E85 which is not very common in the southeast where we live – just be sure to fill up with E87 or higher for the 4runner. Checkout takes about 30ish minutes so they can go over all the features of the rig, tent set up, and where everything is located. Everything we found was pretty straightforward and you can always communicate with the outfitter throughout the length of your trip via the Garmin or cell (when you have cell service) if you have any questions. Vehicle turn in is about the same, a quick once over of the gear and truck and your on your way. We had plenty of time to to catch our fight out and it is a short 10-15minute $12-15 Uber\\taxi to the airport from the outfitter location. All-in-all will definitely be returning, can’t say enough about how nice the operators of the outfit are and how much we enjoyed the whole experience. They are also military appreciative so be sure and mention that if you fall into that category. I will definitely be recommending them to all my friends and family. Thanks again to Joe and Brianne for a awesome experience!!!!!

Reviewed by Moe and Brook M. from New York
July 2021, Score: 10/10

They over exceeded our expectations from the silverware to the foil!  Absolutely a 10 out of 10!